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At R&R Music we take in gear from all walks of life, and they've all got a story to tell. While most of our products are brand new and either in or freshly out of the box, some things have already seen some wear & tear. Here's what our descriptions mean:


These items have never been sold or owned by anyone. For small items and accessories, this means they've never been outside of the box and are factory sealed. For guitars, it can be a different story. Since we are a mid-sized brick and mortar extablishment, we do sell most guitars and amplifiers off the wall. This means they've been handled by employees and customers. But we are sure to keep everything that comes with them, and we are dilligent in ensuring people play nice. We make customers remove belts, we provide hand sanitizer, we change strings regularly, and we have instrument protection hang tags on higher ticket items. Since guitars are a very hands-on instrument and many people are only comfortable with buying an instrument they've put their hands on. If you're still iffy on the idea of buying a guitar off the wall, keep this in mind: We ensure every guitar is setup and plays great. These instruments are fully warrantied. We inspect every guitar on a regular basis to ensure they are in AS NEW condition... but what happens when accidents to happen? That brings us to...


Scratch & Dent:

These items have never been sold or owned by anyone. For small items and accessories, this means the box might have been damaged and we've inspected the product and determined it's perfectly fine. As a mid-sized brick and mortar store, our guitars hang on a wall for customers to try. Occassionally one will get a nick or a chip in the finish. Sometimes this even happens in shipping from the manufacturer, and instead of sending it back, they will give us a discount we can pass on to you. While, of course this means nothing from a playability standpoint, or many times even a looks standpoint... unless it's a relic'd piece, that's just now how it came from the factory, and it shouldn't be sold as such. What does that mean for you? It means you get brand new gear, fully warrantied, with a scratch or ding you were going to put there yourself... for a nice discount.



These items have never been sold or owned by anyone. Items can go to clearance status for a number of reasons, with the biggest reason being that it's just been here too long. Now that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it! Quite the contrary. We've had many amazing items that just don't sell, no matter the interest. Their loss is your gain. Another reason an item will go on clearance is because we have ended our authorized dealership to carry that product and we need to make room for new stuff. The last big reason to discount an item is because a minor accessory is missing, such as a manual. Please check the product description for details.



These items have a story to tell, as they've been around the musical block. We guarantee all used instruments are fully functional, or we'll at least clearly document work that needs to be done if neccessary. We will in-house warranty your new used product for 30 days. Please check the product images and descriptions for extra details.